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Control your Holiday Lights with the Edge.

The Trimlight Edge App: What Is It?

For every holiday, sporting event, or another special occasion, you can control your Trimlight permanent lighting system with The Edge, our new remote access app. The new controller from Trimlight has a ton of new advantages! It's a n intuitive software with cutting-edge technology.  You can program countless variations of colors, patterns, and animations. Have the ability to control your lights from any location in the world! Get a Free Estimate Today!

Trimlight of North Atlanta | Trimlight Edge App
The Trimlight Edge App is easy to use from any phone.

The Edge App Has a Music Function

The new Trimlight app will play along with your music whether you're using the phone's microphone, plugging it in directly, or playing it directly from your phone.

Compatible with Google Home and Alexa

The Trimlight Edge controller now works with Google Home and Alexa! To turn on/off or configure specific colors for your Trimlight lighting system, just ask Alexa or Google!

The Edge App runs on the cloud.

You may now connect to your system while you are away from home thanks to cloud-based technology. Get a Free Estimate Today!

Trimlight of North Atlanta | Trimlight through Alex or Google Home
Control your Trimlight through Alex or Google Home

Why is the Trimlight Edge necessary?

Trimlight is the only programmable holiday/accent lighting system that is installed by a professional on your house for holiday, accent, and security lighting all year long! You have the flexibility to celebrate any holiday, special occasion, sporting event, or just to enjoy the lovely ambient lighting all year long with simple access through the Trimlight EDGE app.

Millions of colors, patterns, and musical selections are produced by Trimlight Edge. View the video below to see some of the Trimlight Edge controller's patterns and features. Get a Free Estimate Today!


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