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Traditional Lights cost more and are harder to hang up.

The holidays are a joyous season. It makes people happy and celebratory. They want to "deck the halls," decorate their houses, and surround themselves with holiday-themed décor. Lighting up your home for the holidays is a common practice. It is a long-standing custom that predates both incandescent lamps and LEDs by a wide margin. Without them, no Christmas décor design is fully complete.

Christmas lights provide a cozy, festive environment both inside and outside the home. The bright lights and their festive hues speak of the anticipation of all that we enjoy during the season.  Many homes continue to use old strands of vintage incandescent Christmas lights of all shapes and sizes, but a new generation of lights has arrived and is increasingly making itself known on the market for holiday décor. We are, of course, referring to Trimlight Permanent Lights. Click to get a FREE ESTIMATE.

Is one type superior to the other? Let's examine a contrast between the two to see what we can learn.

What's Positive about Trimlight LED lights?

Compared to incandescent lights, Trimlights LED lights consume significantly less energy. LEDs barely have an impact on the typical electric bill due to their high energy efficiency. This is excellent news for the environment because it reduces the user's carbon footprint whenever less energy is consumed. Additionally, LED lamps are more robust. They vastly surpass the capacity of earlier incandescents and have an average lifespan of roughly 4,000 hours. Trimlight Permanent  LED lights will survive for many years and will always have more stable lighting than incandescent. See how Trimlight works.

Trimlight of South Atlanta | Permanent Year Round LED Lights
Trimlight is a permanent year round light system.

You still like traditional hanging lights but...

Older LED lights must be used in greater quantities to produce the desired illumination since they are less brilliant than modern LED lights. Modern LEDs are not constrained by this issue, although they cost more than their traditional equivalents. Due to the fact that most LED Christmas light strands have fewer bulbs than the typical incandescent strand, you will probably end up paying more for a similar amount of traditional lights. See how Trimlight works.

Trimlight of South Atlanta | Traditional Holiday Lights cost more
Traditional Holiday Lights cost more and are a lot of work.

More about Traditional Lighting vs. LED lights

The intensity of incandescent Christmas lights is increased by the fact that they have more bulbs per strand and but they are still not brighter than any LED substitute. Additionally, traditional Christmas lights can cost significantly more than LEDs because you have to buy more to get the same light output.

Incandescent lights burn hotter and go out more quickly. When they start to die, replacing them can be a hassle, and keeping up with them can need constant work. When it comes to lifespan, they are not even close to as dependable as LEDs. The expense of changing individual bulbs can quickly offset any savings from switching to LEDs. Because they consume more energy, they are also more expensive to use. See how Trimlight works.

It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each style of holiday light has advantages and disadvantages when weighing the pros and negatives, LED lights seem to offer value and long-term dependability.

Trimlight offers the longest limited-lifetime warranty on the product, equivalent to a 50,000-hour lifespan. Your Trimlight LED system is covered throughout the entirety of your time in the home. If you were to run your lights for four hours every night, your system should still be running after 30+ years! Click to get a FREE ESTIMATE.

Trimlight of South Atlanta | Trimlight is great for any season.
Great for any season! Trimlight can light up any part of your home


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