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Trimlight Globe Lights create the
perfect scene.

Trimlight of North Atlanta Globe Lights on Patio.jpg

Trimlight Globe Lights Make every occasion bright.

  • It’s all Cloud Based

  • Music Capability Pulsing

  • Alexa And Google Home Connected

Trimlight Globe Lights: Our newest innovation in programmable, remote access outdoor lighting.

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Here are the great features of your Trimlight Globe Lights!

The New Trimlight Edge App

The Trimlight Edge app is made for our Trimlight Globe Lights to help make every holiday, sporting event, or any special occasion. Trimlight's new app controller has tons of new benefits! It is a simple user-friendly app with cutting-edge technology! Program millions of colors, patterns, and animations with the ability to access your lights from anywhere in the world!

It’s Cloud Based

With cloud-based technology you can now connect to your system when you are away from home. Your new Trimlight Edge App can be downloaded to multiple devices with easy control from one phone or device that you choose.

Music Capability with the New Trimlight Edge

Whether it be using the mic on the phone, having it plugged in directly, or playing off your phone, The new Trimlight app will play along with your music!

Globe Lights Grouping.jpeg

Residential Globe Lighting

Trimlight Globe lights create the perfect festive or ambient lighting scene for your outdoor parties or special occasions. Whether you are inviting friends over for a BBQ pool party or just looking to spend a nice, relaxing night in the backyard, globe lights set the mood you desire.

Trimlight of North Atlanta Globe Lights In Backyard.jpg

Commercial Globe Lighting

Looking to increase visibility and draw customers to your business or set the stage for a commercial event? Globe lights provide an amazing lighting solution that will excite and attract customers to any business or event. Globe lights are perfect for outdoor seating areas at restaurants, tent lighting at wedding receptions or creating a more exciting stage presence at concerts, social gatherings or any business events.

Where else can
Trimlight Globe Lights be used?

Outdoor Patio Lighting for All Occasions Trimlight of North Atlanta.JPG

Lighting for Backyards and Patios we can provide fun and functional lighting solution for celebrating all of life's moments!

Deck Outdoor Permanent LED Lighting

Decks and Docks

Trimlight's Decks and Docks lighting system gives a perfect splash of light on the docks or architectural features to accentuate the building, or add security lighting to deter would-be criminals.

Trimlight of North Atlanta Commercial and Retail Outdoor Lighting

With Trimlight's Commercial Channel, we utilize larger lights that illuminate brighter to attract potential customers from a much farther distance. This system is standard with 12" spacing.

Copy of 3.png

Use the Trimlight Edge App to create the perfect outdoor scene:

  • It’s all Cloud Based!

  • Music Capability Pulsing

  • Alexa And Google Home Connected.

  • Smart Speaker Device Capability

  • 360 Pre-Set programs make it all easy.

  • 18 Different Pattern options.

  • Easy Sequencing Length Controls

  • Auxiliary in Feature

  • MP3 Download Feature

Trimlight is professionally installed.

When Trimlight of North Atlanta installs your permanent lighting display system, you will be able to control your lights with the touch of a button.  You’ll also be able to change their colors, movement patterns, and set timers for display schedules right through your phone’s app. You will quickly appreciate the simplicity of the system’s programming. Click here for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Any holiday can be celebrated, and any reason for celebrating can be highlighted with this permanent lighting system.  Through the system’s technology, there are preset lighting designs already programmed for the most popular holidays.  However, the ease of customizing your designs through an app on your phone is what makes this system stand out. Click here to see how Trimlight works.

Trimlight is bright, beautiful lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day. Our professional team will color match your home's channel to hide lights during the day and add architectural beauty to your roofline. Trimlight Permanent Christmas lights uses optimal size diodes that are bright at night and hidden during the day. Trimlight of North Atlanta offers an unsurpassed lifetime warranty, simple maintenance, and five-year repair warranty so you never have to hassle with the Trimlight system. Get a FREE ESTIMATE NOW.

Get the Trimlight System
to be used everywhere!

Gender Reveals

Create a Gender Reveal that captures the shock and excitement worthy of your newest family member.

Trimlight of North Atlanta Gender Reveal Lighting

Any Holiday 

Light up every holiday in any color. Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter. Mother's Day or Graduation. 

Trimlight of North Atlanta Halloween Lighting

Celebrate Birthdays

Personalize each birthday celebration, anniversary, game day event, and every other day.

Trimlight of North Atlanta Outdoor Celebration Lighting
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