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Trimlight. Easy.

Trimlight is professionally installed.
Easily managed from your phone.

Trimlight Permanent Holiday Lighting

Never hang lights again.
  • No More Ladders

  • No More Taking Down Lights

  • No More Cold Installs

  • No More Tangled Lights

  • No Storage

  • No More Broken Bulbs

  • Lower Electric Bills
    ​(Than Traditional Lights)

  • No More Risk

  • Lifetime Warranty, 40 years

  • No Frustration

Click here to see how Trimlight works!

Trimlight. Easy.

Trimlight has provided bright, beautiful lighting on homes and businesses since 2011, giving users millions of color-changing options and patterns to celebrate any holiday or event.


Trimlight Select App

With virtually unlimited color and animation options, our programmable system gives customers the control and versatility to set their lights for every major holiday, sporting event, or any special occasion throughout the year. 

Where else can

Trimlight be used?

Gender Reveals

Create a Gender Reveal that captures the shock and excitement worthy of your newest family member.

Gender Reveal LED Home Year Round Lighting for Any Occasion Trimlight of North Atlanta

Any Holiday 

Light up every holiday in any color. Halloween, Valentine's Day,  Easter,  Mother's Day, or Graduation. 

Halloween Permanent LED House Year Round Lighting Trimlight of North Atlanta

Celebrate Birthdays

Personalize each birthday celebration, anniversary, game day event, and every other day.

Permanent LED Home Year Round Lighting for Any Occasion Trimlight of North Atlanta

Trimlight Any Occasion Year Round Lighting

Your home can become a Halloween hit with spooky colors such as orange and purple lighting the way for tricks and treats, or on game days you can show off your team spirit with the colors of your favorite sports teams.

Any holiday can be celebrated, and any reason for celebrating can be highlighted with this permanent lighting system.  Through the system’s technology, there are preset lighting designs already programmed for the most popular holidays.  However, the ease of customizing your designs through an app on your phone is what makes this system stand out. Click here to see how Trimlight works.

When Trimlight installs your permanent lighting display system, you will be able to control your lights with the touch of a button.  You’ll also be able to change their colors, movement patterns, and set timers for display schedules right through your phone’s app. You will quickly appreciate the simplicity of the system’s programming. Click here for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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