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Pools and Patio Lighting.

Easily manage your outdoor lights
from your phone.

Pool and Patio Trimlight.

LED Pool Lighting

Trimlight Permanent LED Outdoor Pool Lighting provides year round enjoyment and

is professionally installed.

Permanent Pool LED Lighting Trimlight

Only visible at night.

Light up your patio and pool with Trimlight Permanent Outdoor lighting. See it light up the night but not during the day.  

Patio LED Permanent Lighting Trimlight o

Celebrate Outdoors

Personalize each pool party and outdoor celebration with Trimlight Permanent Outdoor Lighting.

Pool Cage Permanent LED Year Round Light

Trimlight Pool and Patio Lighting

Trimlight of North Atlanta will create the perfect patio retreat with soft bright, beautiful lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day. Our color matched channel will hide lights during the day and add architectural beauty to your pool and patio. The Trimlight Permanent Outdoor Lighting system uses optimal size diodes that are bright at night and hidden during the day. Click here to see how Trimlight Works.


With an unsurpassed lifetime product warranty, simple maintenance and repair requirements, Trimlight of North Atlanta will cover repairs up to five years so you never have to hassle with your Trimlight Pool and Patio Permanent Lighting system. 

Trimlight is the exterior lighting industry’s original Permanent Holiday Lighting company that offers year round programmable lighting for any residential or commercial building, pool or patio cage and your decks or docks. Trimlight of North Atlanta will develop a plan that incorporates your specific needs to provide year-round beauty for your pool cage and patio. Trimlight can provide top of the line exterior lighting that can be programmed to change colors as desired with an app from your phone to celebrate any occasion.


Never hang lights again.
  • No More Ladders

  • No More Taking Down Lights

  • No More Cold Installs

  • No More Tangled Lights

  • No Storage

  • No More Broken Bulbs

  • Lower Electric Bills
    ​(Than Traditional Lights)

  • No More Risk

  • Lifetime Warranty, 40 years

  • No Frustration

Trimlight Select App

With virtually unlimited color and animation options, our programmable system gives customers the control and versatility to set their lights for every major holiday, sporting event, or any special occasion throughout the year. 

Where else can

Trimlight be used?

Gender Reveals

Create a Gender Reveal that captures the shock and excitement worthy of your newest family member.

Gender Reveal Lighting Trimlight of North Atlanta

Any Holiday 

Light up every holiday in any color. Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter,  Mother's Day, or Graduation. 

Halloween Permanent Exterior Home Lighting Trimlight of North Atlanta

Celebrate Birthdays

Personalize each birthday celebration, anniversary, game day event, and every other day.

Birthday and Occasion Permanent Exterior Home Lighting Trimlight of North Atlanta
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