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Trimlight is a brilliant light system that is invisible during the day.

How does Trimlight look during the daytime?

A lot of people ask us that. Trimlight is hard to see from the street! We color match your trim so that the metal channel goes perfectly with your home. Get a FREE Estimate now!

Can I choose when at night you see my lights?

Yes. This new app, The Edge, lets you handle your Trimlight permanent lighting system from afar for any holiday, sporting event, or other special event. There are a lot of great new things about Trimlight's new device!You can create an infinite number of different colors, patterns, and animations.

Can Trimlight be programmed to play music?

Yes. The Edge app lets you play music.You can use the phone's microphone, plug it in directly, or play the music from your phone, and the new Trimlight app will play along with it. Learn about the Edge here.

Can I use Google Home and Alexa to control Trimlight?

Yes! The Trimlight Edge controller now works with Google Home and Alexa! To turn on/off or configure specific colors for your Trimlight lighting system, just ask Alexa or Google! Get a FREE Estimate now!

Trimlight of South Atlanta | Trimlight operates your lights with Wi-Fi.
Trimlight operates your lights from any where you have Wi-Fi.

Can Trimlight be controlled from my uncle's home?

Yes. The Edge App runs on the cloud. You may now connect to your system while you are away from home thanks to cloud-based technology. Learn about the Edge here.

Why exactly do I need Trimlight?

Trimlight is the only programmable holiday and accent lighting system that can be setup by a professional. It can be used all year for holiday, accent, and security lighting. The Trimlight EDGE app makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful outdoor lighting all year long, whether you're celebrating a holiday, a special event, a sports game, or just a normal day.

With the Trimlight Edge program, you can make millions of different color schemes, patterns, and music choices.


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