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Trimlight Select with 16 MILLION COLORS? Really?

One easy way to explain how you can choose colors with Trimlight Select is to compare it to the screen on a current computer monitor.

In the 1980s, when computers were only black and white, text was green or white on a black background. That was pretty much it. Pics on your computer could be made, but they would only be one color.

Then there was VGA, which had color schemes of 12, 24, and 64. That was pretty cool back then. But those colors kept changing, and engineers finally came up with the modern RGB system, which is made up of over 300 shades of each of these three colors that can be put together in amazing ways to make digital photos look more like real life. That really changes everything!


Simply put, Trimlight Select uses the same color scheme that digital cameras and other modern electronics do. When you read that the new camera on your smartphone is praised by tech blogs, you can be sure that your color choices with Trimlight Select are similar. If it's set up that way, you can even use your phone to change these shades of color. The important thing is that each dark hue counts as a color on its own, which is how you get these huge numbers! In the end, this kind of color is necessary for modern light apps; it's best practice, and systems should have it. If they don't, it's like you're still using one of those old monitors or screens that only has a few colors!‍

Check out what we have to offer in terms of support, guarantee, customer service, and more. Care for this LED recessed lighting is easy, and it gives you a lot of options that you didn't have with older systems. You should look into what these kinds of outdoor additions can do for your home, not only in terms of how it looks but also how they can help you sell it faster and for less money.


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