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With Trimlight's Edge RGB Lighting app-controlled lights, colors are endless.

We at Trimlight think that outdoor lighting is more than just a practical need. We see it as a blank surface that can be filled with color, pattern, and movement. Using RGB (Red, Green, Blue) technology and lighting that you can control through an app, you can make your outdoor areas more interesting, lively, and dynamic. We'll talk about the great things about RGB trim lighting and what it can do for your backyard in this blog post.

Trimlight of North Atlanta Installations for 2023 Holiday season
Trimlight is a year-round cost efficient lighting system.


With Trimlight's Edge RGB Lighting, you can choose from more than one white or yellow color. There are a lot of colors to choose from, so you can find one that fits any mood or event. Imagine having a summer party with bright, lively colors or making a calm atmosphere for a relaxing evening by the pool with soft, soothing colors. Trimlight lets you do anything you want, and the choice is yours.

RGB lighting systems are a huge step forward in how outdoor lighting is done. By mixing red, green, and blue light, RGB lights let you make a wide range of colors instead of just one consistent color. These bulbs are more than just light sources; they're also flexible tools that let you change the way your outdoor trim lighting looks in ways you never thought possible.

You can do more than just use static colors. RGB lighting systems can quickly make your outdoor space look better because they offer a wide range of changing patterns and effects. You can make a soft color fade, a pulsing dance of lights, or even a shimmering waterfall effect. The only thing that stops you is your idea. With Trimlight's app-controlled lights, you can make stunning displays that will amaze your guests.


Lighting that doesn't move is beautiful, but lighting that does move makes it even better. With RGB lighting that you can direct through an app, you can set up complex lighting sequences that give your outdoor space movement and life. For instance, you can make it look like candles swaying in the wind or put together a bright, moving light show that amazes everyone. Trimlight Edge is the most powerful app on the market for motion effects that is also the easiest to use.

We really want to help you get the most out of your outdoor areas with RGB technology here at Trimlight. Anytime you want to make a peaceful space, plan a party that everyone will remember, or enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, RGB lighting can help. Get a Free Estimate now.

For more information on how RGB trim lighting and app controlled lighting can turn your outdoor space into a moving, colorful, and pattern-filled canvas, contact Trimlight today.


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