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Trimlight Permanent LED Lights will save you time and money!

The cost of a string of Christmas lights is not inexpensive!

You can expect to pay around $15 to $45 per row of lights if you don't already have them. This depends on the style and quality of the lights.

Most homes that are between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet need between 15 and 25 total lines. If you want the company that puts up your Christmas lights to also provide the lights, you can expect to pay between $1.25 and $3 per square foot for the strands of lights.

Lighting comes in a lot of different styles, which will also affect the price. For example, LED lights cost more than regular lights at first, but they last longer and use less energy, so they may save you money in the long run. The LED lights in the Trimlight system make sure you never have to worry about lights again once they are set up. Trimlight lights will also help you cut down on the time and money you spend each year looking for an installer and on electricity costs. Learn how Trimlight works.

On average, across the country, annual Christmas light installations cost between $1400 and $2100 per year. The location where you want the lights hung, the size of your property, whether you require the installer to supply the lights, and whether you also want the lights taken down all affect the cost (which can all be extra).

Trimlight of North Atlanta | Trimlight will save you money and time.
Trimlight will save you money and time.

Most of the time, it costs twice as much to hang lights on the second floor of a house as on the first. Because of the special tools that are needed, your roof may cost 30% more if it is hard to get to without reindeer.

Putting up and taking down Christmas lights is a great way to make your home look nicer for the holidays and make sure Santa doesn't miss it. Professional installers will do the hard and often risky work of putting up holiday lights at the start of the season, and they will come take everything down when the holidays are over. This might not happen every year if you put Trimlight Permanent lights that are custom made for your home just once.

Trimlight of North Atlanta | Trimlight is professional installed.
Trimlight is professionally installed.

Removal of Christmas lights costs extra. Not Trimlight LED lights.

They generally cost about half of what you paid to have them put up to have them taken down when the holiday season is over. Ask ahead of time because some builders include the cost of taking it down in the price they quote you. With Trimlight, you'll never have to worry about putting up or taking down lights again. Get a FREE ESTIMATE.


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